CSC Hardware Challenge

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InfoSect is proud to be providing the hardware challenge for the Cyber Skills Challenge.

The hardware pack includes an assembled BusSide flashed with modified firmware which can be used to interface with the hardware. It will also include target board containing 6 flags. As part of the challenge, it expected to use Python and pwntools to programmatically interact with the target boards.

Silvio will be preparing participants for the challenge at 11am on Mon 17th Nov and Tues 18th Nov. 

This workshop will show students how to interface with IoT devices in a programmatic way using this hardware.

This workshop will have attendees interface to IoT and IoT-like devices using UART. Almost all IoT devices have an internal UART interface. UART is  important because it is often used to provide console or shell access to a device. This lets us get onto the device and inspect the system.

Using UART, we might be able to inspect boot messages to reveal internal configurations. We can copy files or the entire filesystem from the device so that we can reverse them to discover vulnerabilities. We can inspect the running services and services that are started at boot time. We can inspect the system for misconfigurations. We can also debug running processes.

By the end of the session, everyone will feel confident to pull apart IoT devices and programmatically interface with them.